Does Your Divorce Lawyer Answer the Phone? Things to Consider when hiring a Divorce Lawyer.

7 things to consider when choosing a Divorce Attorney

I really liked this Huff Post article about 7 things to consider when choosing a divorce attorney. I would add an 8th thing/act to consider/do when shopping for a divorce attorney--call them 2 or 3 times with questions before you retain them.


To borrow a phrase from the sporting world--the most important ability your divorce attorney can possess is "availability."You need to be able to get a hold of your lawyer whenever you have a question or concern.

Find out now before you write the check

If you can't get a hold of your lawyer before they're paid...It won't get better after they have your check in their hand. Call the office a few times with questions about what can be expected should you retain the attorney and his/her office.

Do they call you back within a day? A day is a fair time frame to expect a response. The lawyer might be on trial. He or she should be servicing other clients as well. But if they can't be bothered to call you back and address your concerns within a day, they are either to busy, or to indifferent to properly serve your needs.

I learned it in law school. The first thing you should do to best serve your client--return his or her phone calls. I pride myself on my availability--24 hours, 7 days a week. Truth is most emergencies in divorce and custody cases do not limit themselves to Monday through Friday. In fact, visitation disputes are the most common emergency and they almost always occur over the weekend.

Divorce case involve significant money and very painful personal issues. You shouldn't suffer someone who is too busy to be bothered by you or your problems.

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