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Aggressive, compassionate and result driven representation is what you should expect from the attorneys at The Law Office of J. Patrick Nelson, PC. When you walk through our door we realize, first and foremost, you want to win your case—and so do we. You also want lawyers who understand and empathize with the reality that you are traversing some of the roughest moments and hurdles of your life. These are not mutually exclusive concerns. We know that to get you the results you want and deserve, you need to have a relationship with your attorney that allows you the freedom and security to open up and fully utilize The Law Office of J. Patrick Nelson, PC and our resources. With over 20 years of combined experience in Illinois Criminal, Divorce and Personal Injury law, there is little that we haven't seen or aren't prepared for.

Based in DuPage County, Illinois, with offices in Wheaton, we commonly work with clients throughout Chicago's western suburbs in communities including Naperville, Joliet and Aurora. We welcome you to contact our attorneys for a confidential, complimentary consultation about your legal needs.