Defense of Illinois Drug Charges

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The disproportionate penalties that result from convictions for drug crimes in Illinois can be devastating. A lapse of judgement or desperation can send a person down the dark spiral of the criminal justice system. Add to that the frequent addiction and mental health issues, and one can see the need for excellent representation.

At The Law Office of J. Patrick Nelson, PC our DuPage County-based criminal defense attorneys take a three pronged approach to Illinois drug cases. First, stop the bleeding by putting ourselves between the client and the police — 99% of the damage to a criminal defense is done during the first contact between the client and the detective or police officer. Second, if need be, assist the person in getting into the appropriate treatment program or facility. The best tool in our defense of you is you! Lastly, employ all means at our disposal to win your case or get you the result you desire. The constitution and the laws of this State provide many weapons for a brilliant defense.

Searches and Seizure

One of the most common attacks to a drug charge is to attack the search by the police and suppress the evidence. People don't realize that they can say "no" to a search by the police — and should! The police are trained to make you think that you have to consent, specifically when you don't. The U.S. Constitution protects all of us from warrentless searches and seizures. The tool is a "Motion to Quash Arrest and Suppress Evidence" (fruits of the poisonous tree). The remedies are there for you — you just need someone who knows how to use them.

Penalties for Illinois Drug Crimes

The sentences for drug convictions vary wildly. They range from the equivalent of a traffic ticket for small amounts of marijuana to super X drug offense — for possession of modest amounts of MDMA (ecstasy or molly), cocaine, LSD, meth, etc., which carry sentences minimums starting at 15 years. The attorneys at The Law Office of J. Patrick Nelson, PC have tried and won cases involving every drug offense in the books.


We have worked with thousands of addicts. We have a list of treatment providers whose results we can count on. We understand that if we win your case, but you can't stay clean, that is only half the battle. We are not drug counselors or social workers — we are your advocates — but we are empathetic to your plight.

Drug Court or 410 Probation

After prison time, a felony conviction is the most damaging result of a drug offense. There are, however, methods to keep a felony off your record. 410 probation is a section of the Illinois drug code that provides a specialized probation that keeps the felony off your record if you successfully complete your term of probation. Drug court is another alternate disposition. Here at The Law Office of J. Patrick Nelson, PC, we help you apply to drug court and stay with you during the approval process. These aren't the only alternatives. We are familiar with many other forms of pretrial diversion that can be utilized to keep your record and your future clean.

The Attorneys at The Law Office of J. Patrick Nelson, PC Have Won Cases Involving Every Drug Offense in the Books

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