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The Criminal Justice System can be terrifying for even the most savvy and experienced adult—imagine what it is like for a thirteen year old and his parents. Juvenile clients need special consideration from their legal counsel. Despite the reality that the attorney represents only the juvenile, not the parents—a open dialogue between Child, Lawyer and Parents is critical to a successful result.

The Juvenile court is where our criminal defense attorneys started their careers. We have watched the court evolve since the nineties. Almost thirty years of experience at your disposal. It will always be an important fight for us.

Our Goal: Not Guilty

Our goal is always a Not Guilty verdict. Ironically, juveniles are not afforded the same protection that adults are, such as bail, or a jury trial. Under the veil of "protecting" the minors from the harshness of the Criminal Justice System, Illinois has systematically removed the traditional constitutional protection we as adults assume exist. In the United States, all adults are entitled to a "reasonable bail." Because juveniles are supposedly not being punished, that requirement does not exist for them—neither does the right to a trial by jury. Instead, the courts look to the "best interest" of the child. With under staffed youth homes, youth probation, and a movement to prosecute more kids as adults—the need for aggressive representation for juveniles has never been more important.

Our philosophy at The Law Office of J. Patrick Nelson, PC, is that the system is broken. We do whatever we can to protect the child from the system, while at the same time attempting to gain back all the constitutional rights that have been stripped from him or her.

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