Temporary Court Orders During the Divorce Process

From time to time temporary orders may be entered which are intended to resolve issues prior to a final resolution in a divorce case. Temporary orders are limited to a specific time and may include the following: maintenance (alimony), child support, payment of bills, custody of children, visitation, and temporary restraining orders. A temporary restraining order is an order used to prevent one spouse from selling or transferring marital property (hiding assets) or from acting in a manner which is threatening, harassing or which may cause physical injury. Temporary orders can be obtained on an emergency basis only if the matter is urgent and necessary in order to prevent future harm to persons or property.

Please be advised that one must not transfer, sell or otherwise dispose of assets in an attempt to hide assets from the other spouse. This practice is not only unlawful, but would greatly undermine one’s credibility before the court, and may result in increased legal fees and sanctions imposed by the court.

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